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Welcome to ADMTMAX’s  Ebay Marketing Services.


First of all,

What is Ebay ? 

Ebay is one of the largest online marketplaces serving 159 million active users worldwide. It is a great chance for brands to show their product to the world.

If you have come so far, it means you have your products listed, everything is fixed, and now it’s time to let the world know about your products.

ADMTMAX stands out for competitive marketing results. 


Our Package includes:

  • RFQ marketing 
  • Star Rating 
  • Campaign Set up
  • Keyword analysis
  • Posts (10)
  • Video: 2
  • SNS Ads 
  • Reach: 50,000
  • Minimum ACO
  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks. ( Because We want our customers to see actual results )
  • Reports: 1







■ How can I provide you with the required info/files?  via email?

: Once you check out, there is a box which says  ” Order requirements”  &  ” Order Files”.

If forget to add there, you can email your files to Admtmaxgroup@gmail.com.  Please mention your Customer ID when you email us.

■ What if I have urgent modifications ?

: You can contact us via admtmaxgroup@gmail.com with your customer id and detailed explanation.

■ What if the services are not fulfilled properly as mentioned in the contract ?

: We provide a 100 percent full refund!

■ What if I do not have any of the required info/files ?

: Please check our A-Z service.

■ What if I can not find the service I need ?

Please contact us : admtmaxgroup@gmail.com , you will get a reply right away.

■ What if I can’t find the service I want ?  Can I customize my service?

: Yes you can, please contact us : admtmaxgroup@gmail.com


■ If I have emergency questions, where to contact?

: You will be provided with a customer ID, with that you can call, or email the CS department 24/7


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