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Welcome to ADMTMAX Brand Store A-Z Service package.


First of all,

What is a Brand Store ?

These days, more than 70 percent of the items are sold via the Brand Stores online.

Your online presence, and how you present your products decide the future of your business.

It is crucial to deliver the right message to people.

ADMTMAX provides you with a world-class brand store that stands out and brings actual sales helping A-Z.


Our Package includes:

  • Build Store  ( two languages)

  • 10 products listing

  • Seo optimization

  • Worldwide Shipping system

  • Payment System

  • Marketing for two weeks

  • Marketing materials provided

  • One month Customer Support ( reviews, emails..)

  • Store Build Delivery time: 3~7 Days

  • Marketing Delivery time: 15 days
  • Report: 3, ( Store build, Marketing, Customer Support)


Required from the customer:

  • Brand info ( name, contact, sns..)

  • Domain access ( if not available, please contact us)

  • Product images





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