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Welcome to ADMTMAX’s Canada SEO Package


You have decided to go global, especially Canada?

ADMTMAX helps you A-Z!

We are at your service 24/7, 365 days.


What is SEO ? 

To simply understand how important the SEO for your Brand is, imagine you have a toothache. What do you do?  You will go to Dentist. Before you go to Dentist, you will search Dentist on your phone, on Google, Yahoo, Naver, or whatever search engine you use in your country. Once you type the keyword “ Dentist”, several dentists will show up.  And as a customer, naturally you will check the first top 4 or 5 dentists and select the one you like based on your price and rating preferences. The key point is people rarely choose the Dentist 6, 7, 8…. That means if you are a business owner, and your company does not have a high ranking online, that could be a disaster for you!

Therefore, ADMTMAX has come up with a formula that actually helps you stand out in the fiercely competitive market.


Our package includes: 

< SEO for one product! >

  •  Meta Description & Title
  • H1, H2 Headings
  • SEO report
  • Setup Sitemap & Robot.txt
  • ALT text for images
  • BAD Link removal
  • Setup G.Analytics
  • Setup & Optimize G. Webmaster Tools
  • Web Pages Crawling & Fetching
  • Connect with Google Tag Manager
  • GA Optimization
  • Optimize Data Structure
  • Schema Markup
  • Broken Links removal
  • Connect to Social Media & SEO Optimize
  • 50 Blogs
  • Google Ad
  • ADMTMAX Game Changer*
  • Report: 1
  • Delivery Time: 30 days



  1. Website/ Store Access
  2. Marketing Materials / Product Images (if available)
  3. Social Media Accounts Access (if available)







■ What is the ADMTMAX Game changer ?

: ADMTMAX experts have spent months creating this formula that manages the targeting and bid, including the keyword analysis.

ADMTMAX GAME CHANGER is the formula that is AI-powered that focuses on your potential customers with highly advanced targeting.

■ How can I provide you with the required info/files?  via email?

: Once you check out, there is a box which says  ” Order requirements”  &  ” Order Files”.

If forget to add there, you can email your files to Admtmaxgroup@gmail.com.  Please mention your Customer ID when you email us.

■ What if I have urgent modifications ?

: You can contact us via admtmaxgroup@gmail.com with your customer id and detailed explanation.

■ What if I can not find the service I need ?

Please contact us : admtmaxgroup@gmail.com , you will get a reply right away.

■ What if I can’t find the service I want ?  Can I customize my service?

: Yes you can, please contact us : admtmaxgroup@gmail.com