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IOR is the local agent responsible for your delivery.

IOR is required when shipping to Singapore.


Service Details:

Shipping value in commercial invoice: $1,000 to $5,000
If the shipment is more than $5,000, click on “Start Chat.”
Duration: 1 to 3 days
Product category: All products are eligible (food, cosmetics, electronics, baby products, etc.)


Service Order >> Shipment >> Click Start Chat >> Delivery of Commercial Invoice and Tracking Number

Note: Brands are responsible for product compliance (certification).

If you need to check and proceed with product certification, please search the service page or contact CS.



What if my CI Value is more than $5000 ? 

Then you will be charged 3% of your CI value. Click “Start Chat” to get details. 

I am shipping to Amazon Singapore Warehouse, do I need IOR ? 

Yes, you need IOR to ship to Amazon Singapore Warehouse because Amazon does not take / act as your IOR. 

Is this IOR for only Amazon ? 

No, Our IOR works for all the shipments. Amazon, Shopee, Shopify ..


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