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Service Introduction

IOR is the local agent responsible for your delivery. IOR is required when shipping to the United States. This is one of the important steps required, especially by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Imports to the United States must comply with government regulations and regulations, and Import of Records is an important part of complying with these regulations.

Our U.S. IOR annual service is recommended to customers who frequently ship/send to the U.S. We can proceed without any shipping price restrictions.

Enjoy IOR in the U.S. conveniently for a year with one payment!

Below is information on general procedures, documents required, time required, and cost.

After completing the purchase of the service, please submit the required documents through the “Dashboard – Message”.

Duration: 1–3 business days

Validity: 1 year




service process


  1. Check pre-requisites (Admtmax case review):

Confirmation of compliance with U.S. regulations regarding products, confirmation of commercial invoices, etc


  1. Product Shipment:

Shipping to the United States


  1. Customs clearance:

Admtmax submits the necessary documents for customs clearance to customs


  1. Receiving and distributing items:

Once the goods are cleared, the importer receives them and distributes them internally.


  1. US Warehouse Arrives:

Arrival at the warehouse



  1. Business registration card (English)
  2. Product Sale Price (USD)
  3. Commercial Invoice (CI/PL)

: If you need a form, please check the “Download” page.

  1. Certificate of Origin

: It helps in reducing tariffs.



  • The above is a general procedure, and the details may vary depending on the importer, type of goods, size, etc.
  • Customs clearance is complicated, and we recommend that importers get help from Admtmax, who has a lot of customs experience to manage it effectively.
  • Q: Do I need customs bond too ?
  • A: No, Admtmax IOR includes Customs Bond.




IOR이 있는데도 채권(Bond) 구매가 필요한가요?

: 아니요, Admtmax IOR 서비스에는 채권이 포함되어 있습니다.


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