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Hello, Welcome to Admtmax IOR service ?

If you are on this page, it means that you are expanding to Japanese Market.

Please check the service details below, and consult in case you have further questions:

The Service fee is calculated based on 3% of the shipping value to customs.

Our package includes:

  • Commercial Invoice Value should be min: $1500
  • IOR Valid: One Year
  • Product Categories: All Accepted 
  • IOR Delivery Time: 1~3 days

Note: If your CI volume is lower than $1500, please contact us.


  1. Admtmax IOR Form
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Business Registration Certificate
  4. Shipping Carrier Info
  5. Compliance Check: PMDA, MHLW…








■ What if I have questions regarding the service ?

A: You can directly get consultation via our chat bot online or email us : info@admtmax.com

■ What are all the costs that I should know ?

A: First Shipment: Set up fee of 399,000 krw + 2.5 % of the shipment value

A: Next Shipment: 2.5 % of the shipment value + Service fee: 125,000 Krw

■ How can I get the tax invoice ?

A: Once you place the order, the tax will will be sent to you via email.

■ What if I have urgent modifications ?

A: You can contact us through the online chat or email so we can assist you best.

■ What if I can not find the service I need ?

A: Contact us via online chat / email or call, we can help you best.

■  Can I customize my service package ?

A: Yes, you can customize the service package based on your needs. Contact us


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