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Welcome to ADMTMAX’s  Ebay Product Listing Set-up Services.


First of all,

What is Ebay ? 

 Ebay is one of the largest online marketplaces serving 159 million active users worldwide.

It is a great chance for brands to show their product to the world.

Product listing is as important as the quality of your product.

What you write on your product description determines your customer buy from you or your competitors! Showing your product as fancy as possible is not enough. 

ADMTMAX has come up with a formula that actually helps bring sales!


Our Package includes:

  • one product
  • 5 bullet points
  • 250~300  words
  • 40 keywords
  • SEO optimization for listings 
  • Product Images edit 
  • Revisions: 3 times
  • Reports: 1
  • Delivery Time: 24~36 hours


Requirements from the customer :

  1. Seller Central Access
  2. Brand/ product info
  3. Images/high-quality design materials





■ What if I have questions regarding the service ? 

A: You can directly get consultation via our chat bot online. 


■  What if I am not satisfied with the service?

A: you will have two revisions. 


■ How can I get the tax invoice ? 

A: Once you place the order, the tax will will be sent to you via email. 


■ What if I have urgent modifications ?

A: You can contact us through the online chat or email so we can assist you best.


■ What if I can not find the service I need ?

A: Contact us via online chat / email or call, we can help you best.


■  Can I customize my service package ? 

A: Yes, you can customize the service package based on your needs. Contact us




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